APS Compact

The APS Compact is ideal to throw into your travel bag when you are going on a trip. The Compact also has 4 outputs (2 Red and 2 Black) with the Pulsed / Continues functions like the MK4.   Package … Continued

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The APS MK 4 machine is the most widely used machine and is ideal for the home user and the demanding athlete. It is easily used for treatment of chronic pain as well as sports injuries.
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Curly Cords
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MK 1 Battery Replacement

6V 1.3Ah Lead acid Replacement Battery for MK 1 Machine

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PALS UltraStim X Blue

The new PALS UltraStim X Blue replace the older PALS Platinum Blue electrodes and is perfectly suitable for all APS devices. The NEW UltraStim® X BLUE electrodes that feature a BLUE Hydrogel for those with extremely sensitive skin are the next evolution of the … Continued

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